Marcela is a young Mexican who at the age of 13 was kidnapped and locked up inside a whorehouse. After living through this terrible ordeal, she survived in order to tell it. This animated short film, narrated by Marcela in the first person, illustrates both her story as well as that of many others who have gone through or are going through the same situation.
Antonio Balseiro
Executive Producer: 
Lautaro Brunatti y Nicolás Chausovsky
Production Manager:
Florencia Clerico
Director of Photography:
Andrés Aguiló
Director of Art & Animation:
Pablo Nudel
Realization & Scaled Models:
Natalia Aguilar 
Anna Salmisalo
Pablo Nudel 
Kilian Olmos
Digital Painting:
Fátima Ocampo 
Manon Carnino
Composition Digital & Edition:
Andrés Faggionato
Animation Credits: 
Pablo Nudel
Musical Composition & Arrangements:
Julián Galay
Músicos de Ensamble Chancho a Cuerda
Nahuel Carfi in piano
Joaquín Chibán in violín
Julián Galay in acordeón
Agustín Lumerman in percusión & metalofón
Lautaro Matute in guitarra
Nicolás Rallis in guitarra
Manuel Rodríguez Riva in clarinete
Post Production of Sound:
Martin Porta, Porta Estudio
Recording & Sound Mixing:
Gerardo Morel, Estudio Libres
Coordination & Post Production of Sound and Subtitled:
Soledad L Marcote