European Council

Kiko & the Hand is part of a European campaign against child abuse that was shown in 47 countries. We wanted to talk about this intense issue without resulting to morbidness and using language that children could understand. The scripts came from the Grey Amsterdam agency, and they gave us a strong platform from which we started to work. In addition to the TV spot, we put together an ebook, which can be downloaded from  www.underwearrule.org 

With this piece, Tomi won two Silver Awards in design and storytelling at the Prague International Advertising Festival, and the Grey Amsterdam agency won the gold for best government advertisement.

Animation Director:
Gabriel H. Fermanelli 

Executive Producer:
Patricio Verdi Brusati 

Line Producer:
Juliana Mill├ín 

Story Board:
Claudio Iriarte
Art Direction:
Santiago Zoraidez
Claudio Iriarte
Clara Muslera
Facundo Laboranti 

Character Design:
Claudio Iriarte
Gabriel H. Fermanelli 
Character Animation:
Leo Campasso
Seba Pavone
Gabriel Quintana
Pablo Lopez 

Modelling 3D:
Gabriel H. Fermanelli 
Juan Casal 

Juan Tortarolo 

Sound Design:
Juan Tortarolo