Gluko & Lennon

Glüko & Lennon is about the psychedelic adventures of two best friends.

Glüko is like your imaginary friend becoming real. He's a powerful, shape-shifting giant. However, like your real best friend, he's shy and lazy. 

Lennon is like you, an ordinary kid who has extraordinary adventures, always seeking for new experiences, only he's purple. 

Together, they explore this surreal world they live in and along the way they'll make friends with all kinds of unique creatures. They always end up finding absolutely ridiculous solutions to the most nonsensical problems. 

Enough chit-chat, take eleven minutes of your time and join our friends in this unrealeased Episode 00, called: “VOLARE”.


Created by:

Tomi Dieguez


Directed by:

Federico Radero & Tomi Dieguez


Produced by:

Diego Rosner


Executive Producers:

Diego Rosner

Tomi Dieguez


Co-executive Producers:

Agustín Alberdi

Andy Fogwill


Art Director:

Tomi Dieguez



Tomi Dieguez



Tomi Dieguez

Federico Radero

Gabriel Fermanelli

Claudio IriarteHernan Aguilar

Lautaro Nueñez de Arco 

Character Design:

Claudio Iriarte

Gabriel Fermanelli

Tomi Dieguez


Storyboard & Layout:

Claudio Iriarte

Federico Radero

Gabriel Fermanelli



Clara Muslera


Flash Animator: 

Leo Campasso


3D Animators:

Leo Campasso

Leandro Inocencio

Gabriel Sabsay


Additional Animators:

Pablo Lorenzo

Ignacio Ochoa

Sami Guellai

Facundo Laboranti

Juan Casal

Lucas Casagrande

Charles Lamour

Pablo Kerlleñevich



Mauro Lopez


Additional Rigging Setup:

Federico Seguí


Concept Art Design:

Clara Muslera

Claudio Iriarte

Gabriel Fermanelli


Additional Concept Art Design:

Agustín Ascacibar

Pablo Colabella

Lucia Venzano

Technical Director:

Gabirel Fermanelli


Rendering Supervision:

Gabirel Fermanelli

Eduardo Graña



Nacho Malter

Laureano Santamaria

Juan Olivares

Esteban De Bonis


Casting, Sound & FX Design & Postproduction:

Animal Music


Additional Sound & FX Postproduction:

Elefante Resonante


Original Music Score:

Juan Tortarolo


Music Arrangaments:

Pablo Heredia

Lautaro Azcuy

Gabriel Fermanelli


Cast Voices:

Mariano Chiesa

Lucila Gomez

Facundo Reyes

Martín Gopar

Sebastián Costa

Guillermo Jauregui

Luciana Falcón

Pablo Gandolfo

Tomás McKay

Jorge Raoul Rodriguez

Intro Theme "Gluko & Lennon":

Fernando Tomsenia & Juan Tortarolo


Outro Theme "One more soda":

Los animales super forros + The ovnis


Music Theme "Numero uno":

Written and Performed by Miranda! 

Courtesy of Pelo Music

English version "Number one" featuring Alex Lencina



Agustín De Vittorio


Color Correction:

Che Revolution Post


Live Action Puppet Footage DP:

Alejo Pichot



Marilina Martignone


Red DIT:

Santiago Martí & Robot Rojo


Interactive Media Design:

Andrés Grynberg